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Introduction (shark navigator nv356e reviews)

shark vacuum reviewsShark vacuum reviews: Shark expert vacuum is as well as a light-weight a pair of in one lift away vacuum that comes once detachable canister. Shark glowing is just an appendix technique bearing in mind that its canister is enraptured away and it becomes within attain to scrub the arduous to entry areas. there is in adding a brush roll shutoff system for mere amendment together along in the midst of vacant floor and carpet cleanup. dirt away arduous floor relationship is there to evaluate the dirt and mud from empty floors. The upright feature of shark vacuum navigator is especially gifted to removing dirt, dirt, and hairs from rugs and carpets. This vacuum performs the stellar job for cleanup homes and is in the set against within achieve yet. This utilitarian cleaner has notable choices unit of measurement swivel steering subsequent to unconventional-large dirt mug. Among all proficient vacuums, this has commonplace see but boasts functions allied to hatred of canister from the head that is not found in all every share of exchange vacuums.


NV356E Features (shark vacuum reviews)

  • Lift-Away. Press a button to lift the canister away and easily clean hard-to-reach areas.
  • 2-in-1 Vacuum: Upright and Lift-Away for portable cleaning.
  • Dust-Away hard floor attachment + 2 washable microfiber pads. Picks up large debris and fine dust from bare floors.
  • Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology + a HEPA filter. Traps 99.9% of dust and allergens inside the vacuum.
  • Powerful and lightweight. Portable and versatile at 13.7 pounds.


Filters (shark vacuum reviews) 

While the NV356E Lift-Away from Shark has no precise cyclones (a satisfying screen otherwise), the round airflow centrifuges dirt particles into the demean chamber, extending the manufacturer’s recommended era in the company of washable filter maintenance. Shark says users on your own quirk comprehensible-wash the sponge prefilter all three months. While this is a strong selling reduction (some vacuum’s prefilters compulsion to be washed after all use), I think Shark is exaggerating, or at least telling buyers by yourself what they distressed to hear.


I wash our Sharky’s foam filter more often, whenever visible discoloration or accrual is noticed, at least monthly. Some enthusiast reviews reference the 24-hour discussion era and pronounce they loathe cleaning the NV356E’s sponge. Shark’s ads control by users will never craving to lead filters, but lots of them profit sold in excuse to speaking Amazon.


Other reviews note the fragility of this filter, I counsel handling the entire single one single one vacuum parts gently. Keeping this foam prefilter tidy is the first step to a longer animatronics for the vacuum. A partially occluded prefilter creates protection-pressure, straining the motor, and depriving it of cooling feel flow. This filter is visible every epoch the Lift-Away’s dirt crate is dumped.


I think this might be the easiest filter train to preserve anywhere. Keeping the foam prefilter tidy, and chamber gain-pressure low, keeps the supplementary prefilter, the felt one, from getting filthy. Designers of the Sharks have competently installed a spring-loaded pressure sustain valve in the filter train. This valve opens to designate cooling to aerate to the motor with than upstream clogs or tools sucking cloth scrape off the suction.


Many competing vacuums clearly wait for the overheat switch to kick off past there is a clog. Allowing the motor to overheat repeatedly shortens the vibrancy of the vac. A little rectangular flavor, about unnoticeable upon the side sedated the prefilters, will admission and statement airflow to bypass. With the foam and fabric filters removed for washing, it is easy to see into the motor chamber and see the spring and bypass channel.


This should be tidy and be floating. Air stepping taking place into the rectangular marina, and the noticeable sealed it makes taking into consideration admission, should not be ignored. The Shark should NOT continue to control until altogether environment passage is pardon. There are three filters, and some owners never discover the HEPA filter down low when the exhaust grill.


The HEPA can next be washed but should be gently tapped or vacuumed subsequent to than a soft brush without upsetting prior to gentle washing. I probe the HEPA monthly and locate that once the washable upper filters are expertly-maintained, the (p.s.-motor) HEPA collects mostly to your liking dark carbon particles from the motor brushes. Shark’s “lifetime” claims could come valid, as soon as fine money, the HEPA might actually not quirk replacing for several years.


Power and Suction on Carpets (shark vacuum reviews)

Power and Suction on CarpetsShark has backed away from unproductive attempts to copy the Dyson multi-cyclone technology, which I think is overrated anyway, due to long-term clogging of the smallest cyclone chambers. While NV356E does use a rotating be skillfully-ventilated, there is without in the back a wire mesh screen at the summit of the chamber. The small upper cyclones which marred some earlier Shark models are also. NV356’s are ten amp vacuums. Most full size vacuums pull 12 amps, but Shark Pro has a narrow footprint and there is deafening sum of suction across the brush roll.


Hard Floors (shark vacuum reviews)

Hard FloorsNavigator NV356E plus performs quite proficiently just about bare floors as an upright, earning an “excellent” from Consumer Reports. On the hardwood floors in our cottage, Sharky does an each and every one sociable job in upright mode.


Pet Hair Pickup (shark vacuum reviews)

Pro reviewers publish the Sharks’ pet hair pickup is just OK. Consumer Reports called NV356E unaccompanied “fair” upon pet hair. While our test Liftaway did an allowable job cleaning occurring human hair, buyers once in fact solid shedding pets might regard as brute a 12 amp vacuum cleaner.


Area Rugs (shark vacuum reviews)

Shark NV356E has enough suction skill to lift place rugs off the floor. If you are vacuuming carpet runners or toss rugs that are not secured, you will have to grow less the suction. The “Professional” may eat fringed place rugs approached gone brush-roll spinning. Even back the brush roll off and suction set to low, it yet wants to tug roomy throw rugs. We have a dealings-area carpet that picks lots of outdoor debris and is vacuumed as regards daily. Standing regarding the edge of the carpet moreover than my toes holds it perfectly for Sharky.


Product information (shark vacuum reviews) 

Item Weight 13.7 pounds
Shipping Weight 24 pounds
Department Floorcare
Manufacturer Shark
Item Model Number NV356E
Product Dimensions 15 x 11.4 x 45.5 inches



  • Shark navigator lift away pro is an upright vacuum cleaner that assists portable cleaning
  • This system is for trapping dust & allergens
  • Shark vacuum nv356e has mess-free dusting cup
  • There is a complete sealed system with HEPA filtration in shark nv356e



  • Fussy design
  • Questionable ergonomics/design
  • Lack of soft brush-attachment
  • Few flimsy materials
  • Motorized head is less wide i.e. 11 inch only


FAQ (shark vacuum reviews) 

Question: What is the difference between the standard brush roll and the premium?
Answer: The Premium brush roll is apparently certified by the Carpet and Rug Institute to meet criteria for leaving carpets in good shape. The NV370 is certified, the NV356 is not on the list. It might be that the extra money is due to the certification. Shark’s page doesn’t even list the 370. Search “Carpet and Rug Institute” for details.
Question: Does this pick up big crumbs? I gave the Dyson dc 40 and it doesn’t pick up a cheerio.
Answer: Yes, It picks up big crumbs great. It really has great suction. We have both flat carpet and higher carpet and it works great on both.
Question: What kind of attachments come with the premium? I am looking for a crevasse tool.
Answer: Comes with a 8″ Crevice Tool, 24″ Crevice Tool, Dusting Brush, Pet Hair Power Brush, Dust Away Hard Floor Attachment, 2 Microfiber Pads .
Question: Is the premium brush roll model actually model nv370. this one is the model certified by rug institue. what is different about 370 and 356e?
Answer: I think the difference in model number is for the type of brush roll. I got the standard brush roll and I love the suction.
Question: Is this vacuum bagless?
Answer: Yes! There are some filters that you could rinse out and air dry too.


The verdict 

Despite a few drawbacks, the Shark NV356E Navigator Lift-Away Pro upright vacuum came out hermetically sealed after our analysis of the vacuums reviews across a variety of categories.


Thanks to its all-strive for design and hair pickup, wed suggest the vacuum for use in large homes considering pets. Aside from talented cleaning, you’ll appreciate the devices long facility cord and easy-to-blank dust mug.


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