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Introduction (ilife a4s robot reviews)

robot hardwood floor cleaner reviewsRobot hardwood floor cleaner reviews: The ILIFE A4s is a newer version of the older. But ILIFE A4s is popular then ILIFE A4 robotic vacuum cleaner. The A4s vacuum robot seems to have been updated with a tangle-free bearing system and a mini-room mode. ILIFE is a Chinese company with headquarters and manufacturing bases in Shenzhen, which is in the southern part of Guangdong Province, South China. Their first robotic vacuum cleaner was the ILIFE X500, which is not available in the USA. Nevertheless, their A series and V series vacuum robots are available for the North American market. The A series seems to be recommended for thin carpets while the V series is suggested for hard floor surfaces. This ILIFE A4s robotic vacuum cleaner review considers its features and answers a small number of questions about its remote control, air filter and cleaning performance.


Product Features (robot hardwood floor cleaner reviews)

  • 3-step improvement system with a robust suction provides thorough and focused improvement.
  • Automatically starts with its programming program and returns to arrival station to recharge once the battery runs low.
  • Multiple sensible sensors avoid bumping around or fall off stairs. The A4s even cleans below beds, on the walls, and round the muddle…Dirt cannot hide.
  • Superior battery-group brings up to 140mins improvement time and prolonged lifetime.
  • Advanced BLDC motor with extraordinarily quiet delivery compared to alternative vacuums.


Product information (robot hardwood floor cleaner reviews) 

Item Weight 4.9 pounds
Shipping Weight 8.4 pounds
Manufacturer ILIFE Innovation
Item Model Number ILIFEA4S01
Product Dimensions 12.2 x 12.2 x 3 inches


Product description (robot hardwood floor cleaner reviews) 

Tangle-free roller brush: Innovated tangle-free roller brush with the powerful suction. Two sides brush provides a deeper and completely clean. Together makes A4s simple to be used and maintain.


Powerful and Lasting: Activate scoop mode via the remote controller to relish a brilliant hopped-up clean with the most pickup. Long-lasting Li-ion Battery brings up to a hundred and forty minutes operating time.


Cleans anywhere: Low profile style cleans beds, sofas and freely adapts to multi-floor sorts in your distinctive home. *Not appropriate for high-pile carpet or terribly dark-colored floors.


Automatic and Programmable: Programmable programming permits the A4s to wash after you don’t gift. Automatically docks and recharges once A4s runs low on power.


ILIFE A4s versus A4 (robot hardwood floor cleaner reviews)

These vacuum robots still share most of the fundamental options and even has an equivalent metal grey color scheme. This is often as a result of the A4s isn’t a wholly new product, however solely associate updated version of the older A4 vacuum automaton. Even so, we tend to struggle to seek out real variations between these 2A series models: the manufacturer doesn’t clearly state what changes have been created. Once it will state variations, it will thus in slightly confusing English.


ILIFE A4s Overview (robot hardwood floor cleaner reviews)

Its main improvement element is that the brush that sweeps up mud, fur and hair from carpets, hardwood, laminated and covered floors. It additionally has 2 rotating aspect brushes (left and right) close to the front that sweeps dirt out of corners and on wall edges. The dirt and rubble are then sucked up into its mud box bin. The mud bin includes a capability of 450 milliliters.


The A4s gets its conductor power from a superior 2600mAH Lithium-ion battery. The Lithium-ion battery must be charged for a minimum of twelve hours for the primary 3 times to extend the life and endurance of the battery.


The battery charge would possibly last for up to a hundred and fifty minutes of vacuum improvement, counting on what proportion power the vacuum improvement mechanism uses. The A4s senses once its battery is low and can come back to its moorage station to recharge. Recharge time is concerning three hundred minutes.


Included accessories (robot hardwood floor cleaner reviews)

Charging dock home base, adapter, cleanup tool, 2 further facet brushes, an additional HEPA filter, user manual and device (without batteries). The device needs 2 aortic aneurysm batteries that you’ve got to shop for yourself.


What will the device do? (robot hardwood floor cleaner reviews)

The center button is that the CLEAN button. Press it to start out the A4s robotic vacuum. Press it once more to prevent the cleaner. It’s conjointly ironed to alter the automaton from the sleep mode into a designated mode.


The directional buttons will move the vacuum automaton forward, left or right. These buttons are used once programming the automaton with the arrange or clock perform. The scoop button will increase the suction power to its most. However, this conjointly decreases the battery charge a lot of quicker.


Press the arrange button to enter programming mode and to verify a schedule. Use the CLOCK button to line the clock. The house button sends the automaton back to its home base. Press the sting button to force the automaton to wash on the walls. The SPOT button causes the automaton to wash a selected space. The tiny visual display unit shows the programming time and meter reading.


Does it clean multiple rooms? (robot hardwood floor cleaner reviews)

The A4s at random moves around multiple rooms in an exceeding house till it must recharge its battery. It changes direction once it encounters an associate obstacle or a wall. It’ll additionally modification direction once its drop sensors sight a pointy decrease tall, appreciate the highest step of steps.


You can shut the door if you wish to limit its cleansing to one area. A door isn’t a virtual wall. However, it’s an inexpensive and fast thanks to keeping the vacuum automaton in an exceedingly specific area. Of course, merely keeping the door closed won’t be sensible for places appreciate the front room or room.


You may set it to run in mini-room mode once closing the door and confining it to one area. However, we tend to cannot decipher what the mini-room mode will except perhaps to decrease its runtime so as to save lots of battery power.



What variety of filter will it have? (robot hardwood floor cleaner reviews)

It has each a primary filter and a HEPA filter. The HEPA filter uses an awfully fine material to lure plant spore, pet dander and people galling dirt mites which may worsen allergies. HEPA filters ought to be cleaned each 2 to four weeks. Replace the HEPA filter among half-dozen months of use for the simplest results. You may even replace it once per month if it gets heavily used.


How typically is that the dirt bin cleaned?

As typically because it takes to stay it empty. Don’t let the mechanism run with a full dirt bin: this can decrease the flow of air and improvement potency. You’ll quickly check the dirt bin when each improvement cycle to envision if it’s full or not. The A4s sadly doesn’t have a bin full indicator.


What is its height?

It is regarding three inches tall. It will clean beneath most items of an article of furniture while not obtaining stuck. The A4s weighs regarding five pounds and is twelve inches wide and deep (circular design).


How long will the A4s clean?

It cleans for regarding 2 hours or a lot of (extreme most is a hundred and fifty minutes) till it mechanically returns to its home base to dock and recharge its battery.




  • Improved motor improves potency and runtime by thirty minutes.
  • Mini-Room feature shortens run time to scrub a smaller house.
  • Even with all the upgrades it’s still one altogether the foremost value effective robots on the market.
  • Low profile vogue will match below most piece of piece of furniture.
  • Long run time.
  • HEPA filtration.



  • Still, uses a random rule that produces it inefficient.
  • Lacks power so it can’t deep clean carpet.


FAQ (robot hardwood floor cleaner reviews)

Question: What do you do when you can’t find it? Is there an alarm you can sound to make it beep? It isn’t under any surface that I can see.
Answer: It probably escaped outside. I would start calling for it. If it doesn’t reappear at your door then ask your neighbors if they have seen it and put up some flyers.
Question: What is the difference between A4S and A4?
Answer: I’m deciding between an A4 and A4S. Here are the only differences I could find (although I’m not sure what all of them mean):
1. Tangle-free bearing system
2. 3-step cleaning system
3. Mini-room mode
4. Slightly longer battery life (10—20 minutes longer)
Question: How well will this do in a house with 4 females with long hair?
Answer: I purchased this mainly because we have 2 dogs and there is alot of shedding going on! There are 2 of us in the home with long hair and it’s not a problem for us. As with any vacuum you would still check with rollers from time to time to clear out any hair that is wrapped around it. This ILife picks up very well for us and I am thankful I purchased it.
Question: How well does it handle dog hair? Lots of dog hair!
Answer: Absolutely amazingly well. I have 4 indoor dogs. Floor gets slippery from all the short hairs everywhere. This thing picks it all up. Definitely obvious by how much I dump out of it and how nice my floors look. You will be VERY pleased!!
Question: Will this pick up larger items, such as Cheerios?
Answer: Yes, it will pick up Cheerios and even chips. I have had it pick up small legos. Sometimes a larger lego may get stuck and it will BEEP several times. I go and get the lego out, push the start button and it starts running again. I love the brushes that sweep items into the vacuum area.



The Verdict

The ILIFE A4s prices under a Roomba 650 vacuum cleansing mechanism. This can be most likely its main attraction and largest advantage. Even so, the Roomba 650 comes with a virtual wall. The ILIFE A4s doesn’t work with virtual walls.


This robotic household appliance is economical enough to get rid of dirt, dog hair and alternative small items of rubbish that collect on carpets and exhausting floors on a daily basis. However, larger stuff like socks, toy blocks and fallen tissues can clog its intake and switch it off.


You might empty the mud bin quite once per day if you’ve got quite one pet within the house. It’s superb what proportion hair a cat or dog will shed on the ground in the single day. Its HEPA filter removes small particles which will cause allergies.


The A4s doesn’t have the additional advanced options like a rich Roomba. Still, it wills all the fundamental things that you just may expect from a robotic household appliance at an inexpensive value.


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