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eureka 3670g reviewEureka 3670g review: Canister vacuums — similar to the Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G — cater to customers wanting to scrub hard-to-reach areas. as a result of canister vacuums’ bodies cut loose their heads, they will get into tight areas that alternative vacuums can’t access.

But this sort and model isn’t for everybody. If your home is largely carpeted, you may need to settle on another vacuum.

We’ve taken associate in-depth examine the Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G’s strengths and weaknesses to assist you to decide on if it’s right for you.


Product Features (eureka 3670g review)

  • Lightweight and Liftable Conveniently lightweight at under 9 lbs. also, simple to bear the entire home.
  • Effective Clean a 12-amp engine gives consistent, intense suction for a profound clean.
  • Blower Port Conveniently overwhelms earth and flotsam and jetsam to effortlessly clean carports and open-air spaces.
  • Multisurface Cleaning Tools A cleft instrument and a double reason tidying brush and upholstery spout clean hard-to-achieve ranges.
  • Simple Empty Dust Bag Remove the tidy sack effectively for a no-mess clean.
  • Augmentation Wands Provides additional long reach to expel soil from each surface.
  • Helpful Cord Storage Stores the string to avoid tangles.
  • Incorporates Tools Crevice Too and Turbo Nozzle Tool.
  • Perfect for Quick and Efficient Cleaning.
  • Advantageous for Home and Auto.
  • Incorporates Blower Port.
  • Lightweight 12 amp canister vacuum securely and totally cleans exposed floor surfaces.
  • Power-Touch handle with simple to-utilize fingertip controls; grand floor brush; uncovered floor spout.
  • Blower port; 20-foot string; minimized size; auto stop secures against overheating.
  • On-board devices incorporate a cleaning brush, hole instrument, and upholstery spout.
  • Item Built to North American Electrical Standards.


Product information (eureka 3670g review)

Item Weight 11.6 pounds
Shipping Weight 11.8 pounds
Department Large Appliances
Manufacturer Midea
Domestic Shipping Amazon only ships this item within the contiguous 48 United States. Other Sellers on Amazon may ship this item to Alaska, Hawaii and US Territories.
International Shipping This item can be shipped to select countries outside of the U.S.
Item Model Number 3670G
Product Dimensions 18.2 x 13.6 x 13.6 inches
Customer Reviews 4.0 out of 5 stars


Item Description (eureka 3670g review)

Item Description (eureka 3670g review)The Mighty Mite canister vacuum is supplied with powerful brush rolls to deep clean carpets and a full set of tools square measure provided for specialty cleansing akin to stairs and fabric. This will inter vacuum can obtain mud and pet hair simply. It’s conjointly created cleansing the insides of an automotive a lot of convenient because it sucks up dirt and alternative little particles from underneath the seats further because of the sides.



Who it’s best for (eureka 3670g review)

Who it's best for (eureka 3670g review)In case you’re searching for a multipurpose vacuum that can get clean in the portal one moment and overwhelm leaves in the carport the following, this canister may be a fit for you — especially if your home has for the most part tile or hardwood floors.

Be that as it may if your house is generally covered, we suggest an alternate vacuum sort by and large, as canister models have a tendency to perform preferable on the uncovered floor over on cover.


The weight (eureka 3670g review)

This is a light-weight canister ringing in at just below nine pounds; that’s regarding the common size of a newborn of late. Therefore it’s massing little (sufficiently little) to urge into small places wherever all of your dirt and allergens haunt.

Taking it up and down the steps isn’t a problem as a result of it’s a light-weight. Therefore you’ll take it resolute vacuum the automobile or to the bungalow if you prefer. It’s very nice that you just don’t have to be compelled to strain to urge your vacuuming done right.


Blower Port Extreme (eureka 3670g review)

Particularly if you’ve got a garage or shop, this blower port can are available handy. This attachment makes it super straightforward to blow out all the mud and packing you has got covering everything. It’s straightforward and imposingly powerful. Simply 5 or 10 minutes and therefore the average garage is going to be spick and span clean. Some individuals have one only for the processing port specifically; to every him or her own!


Integrated Extension Wands (eureka 3670g review)

With these custom style attachments you’ve got extra-long reach to zap dirt from each surface; even those not possible to achieve areas au fait high of the cabinets. Or however concerning underneath the bed and couch? They’ve been unnoticed long enough and this versatile Eureka 3670g would possibly Mite Canister Vacuum can amendment that for the higher. No excuses for not improvement each nook and cranny mud and dirt-free.



Elite and Versatile aboard Tools

The aboard tools embrace a crevice tool and a dance orchestra upholstery and dusting tool that may offer you the suggests that to form certain you allow no corner untouched. This makes it straightforward for you to induce the dirt out that’s stuck between the cracks within the threshold, and the way that small house between the ground and therefore the wall.


Height Adjustment (eureka 3670g review)

Height Adjustment (eureka 3670g review)There’s nothing additional annoying than attempting to scrub your clean floor with a vacuum that’s set too high. You’ll reassess and over a similar track and develop a number of additional bits of dirt on every occasion. Lucky for you the Eureka Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum has 2 height adjustment level and with the flick of a sew you’ll be able to opt for the right level to vacuum with. Simply work an additional thorough clean overall.



  • Strong suction
  • Weights under nine pounds
  • Great for vacant floor surfaces
  • Long extension wand equals nice reach
  • Great for individuals with metabolism ailments as a result of it’s a bagged vacuum
  • Has a blower operate (just in case you wish it)
  • Comes with accessories that’ll assist you clean stairs, upholstery, blinds, etc.
  • The bestselling canister vacuum in Amazon



  • Not as effective on carpet or rugs as a result of it doesn’t have a motorized brush
  • The need to shop for additional baggage – extra expense over time
  • No shoulder strap
  • No wire rewind


FAQ (eureka 3670g review)

Question: Is it a brush vacuum so it doesn’t scratch the floors
Answer: No – it is not a brush vacuum, however it does come with 4 different kind of nozel ends. The larger ones are plastic with a small brush built in; the small round one is all brush, but it is not very large. The suction of this vacuum is incredible; the strongest I have ever felt. I think it would pick up a 50 cent piece if one would try. I highly recommend this vacuum.
Question: Is this good at picking up pet hair? I have two dogs that shed and pet hair is difficult to vacuum from my carpet in the car.
Answer: It has about as much suction as you could hope for from a consumer canister vac, and will remove as much hair as suction alone can accomplish. It does not come with an air powered roller brush attachment, which would be needed to remove some pet hair.
Question: How does the power cord store?
Answer: IT wraps around 2 things under the body.
Question: How is this for under a king size bed?
Answer: As for me, I LOVE this cleaner! it is the most powerful suction of any i’ve owned. it’s light weight so easy to drag around. i think the wands would be long enough to fit under the bed from each side thus covering the whole surface, halfway on one side and half on the other. hope this answers your question



The Verdict

This product would be nice for little to medium sized homes with principally onerous surfaces attributable to the powerful twelve amp motor that virtually sucks in the trash. The lack of a motorized brush doomed its performance on carpet however it will still clean surface dirt from skinny heaped variants. Why then do you have to take into account this if it solely works on blank surfaces? Because it’s a flexible machine, one in all solely some canister vacuums that are effective on flat surfaces, stairs, and ceilings! If your house is equipped with a ceiling fan or a vent, you’ll appreciate the long reach. Any house owner can tell you the way onerous it’s to get rid of dirt bunnies of vents and cobwebs of the ceiling. Also, the tools may be hooked up on the extension and thus if you would like to scrub the baseboards, merely take away the ground tool and fasten the crevice tool in its place.


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