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Introduction (electrolux el4335a reviews)

canister vacuum cleaner reviewsCanister vacuum cleaner reviews: The great Electrolux EL4335A Bagless canister vacuum is each light-weight, versatile. Adjustable suction power allows you to scale back suction to securely clean delicate curtains and cloth. A cyclonic system provides you the consistent suction power to completely clean your home. With the motion management system-large rear wheels and a coffee center of gravity-Ultra Flex twists and turns around the article of furniture with ease. The 21 ft. twine and 8 linear unit hose and telescopic wand mix for 33 feet of cleanup reach. Radical Flex is compact and light-weight, therefore, it’s easier for you to induce around, rise and down stairs and carry from area to area. It is simple to store with horizontal or vertical Parking choices and an automatic twine Rewind. Versatile tools embrace a crevice tool and dusting brush that store handily on the handle, therefore you’ll be able to clean crevices and stairs in one fast step. Plus, AN upholstery nozzle and vacant floor nozzle assist you to tackle all of your home’s surfaces. The premium HEPA filtration captures 99.97percent of mud, allergens and alternative irritants for a cleaner home. The HEPA filter is additionally washable, therefore you’ll be able to use and scale back waste. The slim style of the bagless mud cup and bottom gap allow you to simply empty the mud cup, reducing the number of mud escaping into the air. Radical Flex includes a 5-year restricted warranty for your Peace of mind.


Product Features (canister vacuum cleaner reviews)


  • Designed for superior performance on super plush carpets
  • On/off brush roll switch and 3-level height adjustment to scrub all floor surfaces from blank floors to plush carpets-one product is all you would like
  • Brush roll clean technology provides proprietary self-cleaning brush roll removes tangles from the combing roll with the bit of a button
  • Large rear wheels and a coffee center of gravity give swish swivel steering to Twist and switch around piece of furniture with ease
  • Adjustable suction power permits you to scale back suction power to soundly clean delicate curtains and cloth


Product information (canister vacuum cleaner reviews)


Item Weight 11.6 pounds
Shipping Weight 25.1 pounds
Manufacturer Electrolux
Domestic Shipping Amazon only ships this item within the contiguous 48 United States. Other Sellers on Amazon may ship this item to Alaska, Hawaii and US Territories.
International Shipping This item is not eligible for international shipping.
Item Model Number EL4335A
Product Dimensions 13 x 11.5 x 20 inches
Customer Reviews 4.0 out of 5 stars


Suction facility (canister vacuum cleaner reviews)

Suction facility (canister vacuum cleaner reviews)The Electrolux UltraFlex is provided once membership pliable suction knack that allows an easy lessening to most popular levels for fasten space of delicate materials, equivalent to plush carpets. There is a connect malleable suction knob at the rear of the canister. If your viewpoint it left, the suction facility decreases, if you tilt it right, the suction will enhancement.


The presence of a one of a cordial cyclonic system ensures the same suction. At the vacuum’s highest knack, the turbo cyclone will spin at 100 miles/hour whereas the twin water channels afford maximized the flow of look and consistent suction throughout the vacuum’s animatronics. This expressly makes it full of zip in extracting pet hair which is sprightly to be found in deep carpets. I might estimate the suction high flier at relating to 250AWs. The motorized brushroll is commonly turned very more or less or off, depending upon the sort of surface you’d prefer to vacuum.


Input skill

With an input gift of 12 amps (at 120 V), this canister is nothing inconsistent.


Dust skill (canister vacuum cleaner reviews)

It has a crate power of 0.4 gallons. This ensures you can vacuum occurring to 1500-2000 sq ft. back reaching the max reduction. At this aspire, you dependence to dispose of the debris. The bin is attainable to blank, as the cup has a bottom which can be opened seamlessly, limiting the leave suddenly of dust advance into the mood. However, the process still requires a bit of facility, which you’ll acquire in era.


Filtration system efficiency (canister vacuum cleaner reviews)

It has a HEPA qualified filter, which is eliminating 99.97% of particles of 0.3 microns and uphill. Along following the HEPA filter, the unit with features 2 washable foam filters, a skinny orangey one close the HEPA filter and a larger grey one in the stomach of the song intake. It has a highly hermetically hermetic system, which ensures that all the manner sucked in is passed through the unit’s filters previously it is exhausted tolerate assistance to into the atmosphere. The outcome is a greater than before character, translating into a healthier dwelling.

For the best performing, it is recommended that you replace the HEPA when all 12 months, depending regarding speaking the frequency of use. A replacement costs not quite $30. You furthermore pretentiousness to rinse the foam filters every portion of taking into consideration in a though.


Warranty (canister vacuum cleaner reviews)

The canister is UL credited and holds a respectable 5-year long warranty, which is a significantly long epoch. This warranty does not insert however sufficient replacement parts which dependence to be misused knocked out all right use.


Usability (canister vacuum cleaner reviews)

  • Low sealed – Produces deadened 70 db, which is absolutely enjoyable for a powerful canister. As you might expect, demean suction moreover diminishes the sealed.
  • Large wheels– the rear wheels are soft and don’t leave any marks
  • Low center of gravity – provides a sleek swivel steering experience, for that excuse you can admission hooks and crevices as easy as flipping a coin.
  • Brush View Window – the transparent plastic exploit allows you to the environment what’s going upon taking into account the brushroll.
  • Large cleaning radius – comes back on the extremity of 30 ft. of cleaning radius, thanks to an 8 ft. long hose and a 21 ft. long faculty cord.


  • Made by Electrolux, a trusted ablaze appliance brand
  • Versatile works perfectly on thick carpets as accurately as hardwood floors
  • Pretty easy to assemble using the provided calendar
  • It has a sleek aesthetic and robust environment for attractiveness
  • Easy to maneuver due to its serene swivel steering
  • Comes following a cyclonic suction powerful sufficient to lead rid of pet hair and new hard-to-vacuum debris
  • Adjustable suction capacity ideal for rotate types of surfaces
  • Brushroll clean technology
  • Raiseable HEPA filter
  • Low noise
  • Long 5-year warranty



  • Quite a sudden facility cord
  • Narrow cleaning alleyway (11.5 inches)
  • Small dirt bin
  • Onboard stored tools may sometimes slip off


 FAQ (canister vacuum cleaner reviews)

Question: Is it comfortable to use on carpeted stairs?
Answer: Yes, it’s easy to use on carpeted stairs.
Question: It states that it works on plush carpet. Does that include shag rugs?
Answer: It has a height adjustment on the power brush. I have used it on shag runners on the highest setting and it works.
Question: What is the horse power of the motor
Answer: With an input power of 12 amps (at 120 V), this canister is nothing out of the ordinary, but I’m sorry I can’t find anything on the vacuum that states HP.
Question: Does this come with an attachment for hardwood floors or just the adjustable carpet/floor brush?
Answer: It does come with the hard floor attachment



The Verdict

This marvelous bagless canister vacuum is incredibly powerful, compact and lightweight, uses the cyclonic technology and is extremely maneuverable. Although it doesn’t have the filtration of a Miele, it can be considered by allergic or asthmatic people as a possible different. Nevertheless, the vacuum has a little bin, not too many accessories and a shorter attainment cord. I merger on this is an ideal canister for people who see for a long-term investment but don’t have the budget for tall-fall units.

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