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Introduction (bissell 19404 powerfresh pet steam mop reviews)

bissell 19404 powerfresh pet steam mop reviewsBissell 19404 powerfresh pet steam mop reviews: Bissell 19404 PowerFresh Pet Steam Mop is one in every of the simplest and one in every of the foremost standard steam mops, it comes with an extremely acceptable value and it gets its job done.

First of all, Bissell 19404 steam mop was designed for exhausting floors and not for carpets. It’s light-weight cleaner, with smart electric cord length and combined with swivel head, it will cowl huge space and is capable to maneuver into tight areas.


When used as directed, this stem mop sanitizes floors by eliminating 99.9% of germs and bacterium victimization steam solely, with no extra chemicals.


Product Features (bissell 19404 powerfresh pet steam mop reviews)


  • Sanitize floors with the BISSELL PowerFresh Steam Mop, that eliminates 99.9% of germs and microorganism once used as directed.
  • Shine floors whereas you clean sticky dried-on spots 2X quicker than the leading steam mop with the intrinsical simple Scrubber or scrubby microfiber mop pad.
  • Remove powerful spots with the intrinsical flip-down simple Scrubber.
  • Customize your clean with the SmartSet digital variable steam management.
  • Neutralize odors with Odor Eliminating Fragrance Discs enclosed.
  • The product takes concerning thirty seconds to come up with steam. Contents embrace Steam Mop and Mop Pads.



Product information 


Item Weight 6.2 pounds
Shipping Weight 8.3 pounds
Manufacturer BISSELL Homecare Inc.
Domestic Shipping Item can be shipped within U.S.
International Shipping This item is not eligible for international shipping.
Shipping Advisory This item must be shipped separately from other items in your order. Additional shipping charges will not apply.
Item Model Number 19404
Customer Reviews 4.2 out of 5 stars
Product Dimensions 9.5 x 13 x 43 inches


Product description (bissell 19404 powerfresh pet steam mop reviews)


Give your laborious floors a shiny sanitized clean with the variable, digital steam management the BISSELL PowerFresh Pet Steam Mop. Armed with the handy, flip-down simple Scrubber. You’ll totally clean powerful messes and even grout. Clean shut, dried out-on spots 2X quicker than the leading steam mop with a lawful straightforward Scrubber, whereas expertise whole-room freshness from the pet scent discs. Presently clean modify floors unit of measure an easy steam away. Once used as directed.


From the manufacturer (bissell 19404 powerfresh pet steam mop reviews)


Give your hard floors a shiny, sanitized clean* with the variable, digital steam control. Armed with the handy, flip-down Easy Scrubber, you can thoroughly clean tough messes. Clean sticky, dried on spots 2X faster than the leading steam mop with a built-in Easy Scrubber, while experiencing whole-room freshness from the optional scent discs. Now clean, sanitized floors are a simple steam away.


Take a Closer Look (bissell 19404 powerfresh pet steam mop reviews)

  • Eliminates 99.9% of germs and bacteria when used as directed
  • Clean sticky, dried-on messes 2X faster than the leading steam mop with the built-in Easy Scrubber or scrubby microfiber mop pad.
  • SmartSet digital, variable steam control (low, medium, high)
  • Built-in, flip-down Easy Scrubber
  • Odor Eliminating fragrance discs
  • 2 years warranty


Variable Steam management

Getting the clean that matches your desires is as easy because of the push of a button with low, medium, or high steam settings. Using the strongest setting (‘High’), mop will operate for regarding quarter-hour, no end. On lower settings, operational time prolongs. Once the tank is empty, one will take away it from the mop, fill it and reattach it to the mop rather quickly.


Built-In simple Scrubber

Power through spots and deep-clean crevices with the easy-to-use hooked up scrubber. It comes with 2 completely different microfiber pad designed for various levels of cleansing.


Pads are, of course, washable and reusable. Pads area unit straightforward to place on Associate in the Nursing startup – they round the mop with a band on the pad rather firmly and might be used on larger space with no got to correct their position on the cleansing head. If microfiber mop pads aren’t ready to take away stubborn stains, flip-down simple Scrubber may be used inside seconds for an extra scrub.


Easy Scrubber is a nice aid, particularly of tiles, stone, marble, vinyl, lino and similar floors. However, if you’re exploitation this mop to wash the hardwood and laminate floors, use it rigorously, since it will, particularly together with hot steam, injury sensitive surfaces. If your laminate is certified for steam vacuums and mops, then be at liberty to wash them exploitation this mop, but, 1st provides it suppose some tiny unnoticeable space – this particularly goes for the ‘sealed’ hardwood floors.



Odor Eliminating Scent Discs & Microfiber Mop Pads

Although steam and pads clean the floors completely, to eliminate odors fully, one will use further fragrance discs. Some individuals detest the thought of exploitation fragrance discs or scented water-they need their floors cleansed and not scented. IMHO, they’re right, however, on the opposite hand, the scent isn’t sturdy and infrequently can cause any problems even to individuals being sensitive to such things. provide them a try too if you do not like them, do not use them. Enjoy a great-smelling clean with the enclosed fragrance discs. Or use your steam mop while not. Either way, you get a good clean.



  • Easy to Use
  • Good for Light Cleaning
  • Heats Quickly
  • Multi-Surface Usage
  • Good for Deep Cleaning



  • Some customers complained that the cap on the storage tank poor in 2 when a moment and had to get replaced.
  • Bissell’s fashion designer service is outsourced to countries wherever English is not well understood and a few customers complained that they’d problem creating themselves understood and obtaining service.



FAQ (bissell 19404 powerfresh pet steam mop reviews)

Question: How long do the mop pads last?
Answer: The pads can be washed between uses. I change and wash mine after each use. The pads are thick like terry towel substance. Sometimes I have to change to a clean one before a room is finished..only because we live on a ranch and cowboys carry in all sorts of stuff on their boots. The pads clean up fairly well, but some stains are left behind at times after washing, but they are clean and ready to use just the same. I have extra pads on hand. As for how long do they last? Years, but it depends on what type of floor, how often you use them, what type of scrubbing or steaming you do. These pads should last as long as your bath towel would as it’s made out of the same material.
Question: Can this be used on hardwood floors?
Answer: I use this all the time on hardwood floors and I love it! It is so much easier than using spray chemicals and a mop. It uses distilled water and is very easy to set up and use.
Question: Can you use a cleaning solution with this steam mop or should you ONLY use water in it?
Answer: I just use a spray bottle of a solution mix (Mr. Clean, Pine-Sol etc) and spray my floor first before I use my steam mop. Works great for disinfecting and cleaning.
Question: Does this mop have an on/ off switch? I have a shark and it did not so I had to unplug it
Answer: When the unit is plugged in, it goes into standby mode when the unit is ready to be used. There are low, medium, and high steam buttons, select any of them and the unit goes to work. Each area has a light to tell you which degree you are in. When done, press the top unit button until the lights go out, and you will be in the standby mode once again. You may unplug the unit at any time when done. There is no ON/OFF switch, but I don’t miss it.
Question: Do the mop pads stay fall off or contort or does the mop hold the pads fairly well?
Answer: Apparently they have made changes to the mop pads. I see the earlier comments are from 2013 and they have positive comments about the pads staying on. I purchased my mop last year and I have only used it a couple of times. It is very frustrating, you push it forward and as soon as you pull it back the pad comes off. I fight it, give up and pull out the sponge mop. I have exchanged the pads but none of them stay on. If anyone has the same problem and has a solution or tips on how to keep the pads on, I would appreciate your comments.



The Verdict

This little device cleans completely, maybe it’s not independent agency (Environmental Protection Agency) certified the level of medical aid, however, it gets its job done. Also, it comes at nice value and with a good pledge of 2 years.

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