bissell 1547 review: Bissell Hard Floor Expert Multi-Cyclonic Bagless Canister Vacuum, 1547 – Corded Review

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Introduction (bissell 1547 review)

bissell 1547 reviewBissell 1547 review: This advanced canister vacuum depends on the extremely effective multi-cyclonic technology for economical and thorough improvement. The designers outfitted it with a self-retracting wire, that makes it extremely convenient to use in wide areas. Compared to alternative canister vacuums at intervals its worth varies, the Bissell arduous Floor knowledgeable is less complicated to assemble, operate, and maintain.


You will conjointly notice that this vacuum has multiple engineering options for straightforward handling. Its powerful rotary engine foot is optimized for thorough improvement of powerful dirt while not ruin your floors and carpets.


Whom is that this Product Designed for?

  • Pet owners
  • Homeowner WHO wants high hopped-up vacuum
  • Offices and companies


Product Features (bissell-1547-review)

  • Multi-Cyclonic Technology for marvelous suction for extended
  • Hard floor rotary engine foot is difficult on dirt, delicate on your floors. Power Rating: 9.2 amps
  • Multi-surface foot for marvelous pickup on area rugs and carpeted floors in your home
  • The easy empty dirt tank opens from very cheap for no-mess disposal. Brush System: Rotating Clear Window
  • Compact and lightweight vogue for easy carrying and storage



Product information (bissell 1547 review)

Item Weight 8.3 pounds
Shipping Weight 18.3 pounds
Manufacturer BISSELL Homecare International
Item Model Number 1547
Customer Reviews 4.0 out of 5 stars
Product Dimensions 12.9 x 19.2 x 15 inches



Product description (bissell 1547 review)

With the Bissell onerous floor professional multi-cyclonic, you’ve got a robust, maneuverable canister that creates improvement and easy task. The specialized onerous floor rotary engine foot is intended for powerful Pickup of pet hair, dirt and alternative detritus, whereas protective your floors you like. The metal Telescoping wand permits you too well maneuver around and underneath furnishings and conjointly clean onerous to achieve areas cherish drapes and ceilings. With the facility of multi-cyclonic technology, you’ll have wonderful suction for extended to urge the duty done. Further improvement tools area unit hold on onboard for convenient access as you clean. After you area unit finished the wire can mechanically Rewind with a push of a button.

Hard Floor rotary engine Foot

Hard Floor rotary engine FootIf your concern is concerning the practical capability of this vacuum, get your assurance from the powerful rotary engine foot. The manufacturer increased its performance to the extent that allows it to such up minute particles from your floor. Several reviewers take into account it because of the best vacuum for cleaning pet hair. That’s why it’s wide most popular among pet lovers. Cleaning of detritus from arduous floors and carpets would like an extremely practical rotary engine foot for imp-active retrieval effect.


This canister vacuum works with the spectacular potency that produces it ideal for each domestic and industrial utility. Moreover, the arduous floor rotary engine foot is extremely regarded for its hardiness and also the benefit of sturdiness.


Powerful Multi-Cyclonic Technology

You can choose the effectiveness of a dustbuster from the ability of its suction. in this respect, this canister is really outstanding as a result of its extremely effective multi-cyclonic technology. Several regular users have remarked lovingly concerning the capability of this vacuum to provide a strong suction, which reinforces thorough improvement. The multi-cyclonic technology is wide favored within the improved technology as a result of its nice degree of painstakingness.


The technology produces sturdy suction pressure that works well on dust and stuff. You wish a canister of this nature to wash your lounge, auditoriums, hospitals, offices, and different areas the requirement painstakingness.



Telescoping Wand

Another advantage regarding this vacuum is that it permits you to maneuver regarding well. This machine options a telescoping wand that enables you to maneuver regarding well as you clean your space. Several cleaners World Health Organization use this vacuum promptly agree that the wand makes their work easier and quicker. Besides, the employment less energy to accomplish tasks. Apart from enhancing free movement around the cleansing space, the telescoping wand is right for cleansing advanced floor plans.


You need this low priced vacuum to scrub any plan with nice potency. The standard of maneuverability conjointly helps you progress simply on floors that square measure jam-choked with an article of furniture. This vacuum was designed to show corners simply.



Easy to Empty Dirt Tank

Easy to Empty Dirt TankThis bagless Bissell vacuum options a simple-to-empty dirt tank that protects you from the trouble of casting off the dirt. The tank opens from its bottom and permits you to urge obviate the dirt simply while not messing up the realm. The tank is spacious enough to hold most of the dirt that you just may expect from a usually dirty space while not requiring regular re-motion.You might wish to use this best Bissell Dustbuster on a large-scale cleansing task attributable to the distinctive benefits that you just get from the tank.


The side of convenience depends on lots of the speed at that your tank fills up and the way simply it empties. If you’ve got used a vacuum with the bag before, you’re absolute to regard this product as a worthy replacement.



Lightweight style

Bissell 1547 review: The Bissell designers settled on a straightforward, compact, and light-weight style for this machine. the thought was to reinforce convenience. This dustbuster is very transportable and permits you to maneuver from one purpose to a different with outstanding ease. that’s why it’s extremely suggested for cleansing raised places that require a touch of lifting. you’ll notice this canister terribly convenient for cleansing stairways and to a lower place piece of furniture. It’s easy and tiny style permit you to wash places that will be troublesome to succeed in with different machines. For business cleaners whose business entails moving from one place to a different, here is a perfect vacuum. It’s no – marking wheels mean area unit ideal for many floor sorts.



  • Quiet and simple to use
  • Robust options for sturdiness
  • Low energy consumption
  • Comes with technology options for comfort. this protects you from fatigue
  • The vacuum is extremely mild on the floors. It doesn’t scratch your surfaces
  • Comes with a guaranty for a canopy. you’re bound by standard technical help
  • The machine is simple to keep up. It options a self-cleaning brush roll



  • May not be ideal for delicate carpets
  • Telescoping handle is somewhat too serious for a few users
  • May seem a touch complicated to completely different users


FAQ (bissell 1547 review)

Question: Does this have a powered motor driven head or is this just suction driven?
Answer: It is suction driven and works nicely on hard floors. The vacuum is not powerful enough for carpet unless it is a very low pile.
Question: Is it works on a carpet?
Answer: Really good on my hardwood floors. Just Okay on my minimal carpet.
Question: What is the main difference between the turbine hard floor tool and the multi surface floor nozzle?
Answer: Use the turbine tool on the hardwood floors, it spins creating more suction. I never use the multi nozzle. It’s suction power is minimal. This vacuum is great for hardwood floors & using the brush tool on furniture. It works poorly on carpet & rugs. Hope that helps.
Question: How long is the cord? how long is the hose?
Answer: The hose extends and is long enough. The gots is average. No really like mine. It does a nice job in the hardwood floors.


The Verdict

Bissell 1547 review: An ideal vacuum duty to clean completely while not devastation your floor. The Bissell exhausting Floor professional comes with first-rate blessings that enhance its overall potency. This machine is strong and remarkably light-weight.


The facet of skillfulness is another strength that distinguishes it from several alternative merchandises at intervals its worth change. Its capability to wash powerful dirt while not feat any marks on the floors offers it a good advantage over normal cleansing machines.


Considering its distinctive strengths admire the multi-cyclonic technology and also the multi-surface foot, this machine is very counseled for each general and special cleansing task. The makers supposed it for general usage at intervals the domestic or business atmosphere.


Besides, it’s fairly priced and is roofed by adequate warranties. The compact style and also the light-weight blessings square measure crucial options for increased cleansing. We tend to extremely suggest it for home and workplace cleansing.

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