Best pet hair vacuum cleaner reviews: Dirt Devil Razor UD70355B Review

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Introduction (best pet hair vacuum cleaner reviews)

best pet hair vacuum cleaner reviewsBest pet hair vacuum cleaner reviews: Looking for a home appliance that packs power, convenience, and is light-weight tired one sleek body? You don’t have to be compelled to look on the far side the Dirt Devil Razor Pet dirigible Bagless Upright Vacuum UD70355B. Not like some vacuum cleaners that realize it arduous to maneuver around the article of furniture, this one steers simply. You’ll not have to be compelled to pull and tug it everywhere your house, as its style offers the advantage of simple handling. Does one own pets? We tend to love our furred friends however not their mess, thus order once them with this home appliance victimisation its superior brush roll.


Product Features (best pet hair vacuum cleaner reviews)


  • Powerful no loss of suction.
  • Extended reach hose with removable cleaning Wand.
  • spin4pro Premium Brushroll for powerful carpet & hard floor cleaning.
  • Bonus tool pack includes 2-in-1 crevice & dusting tool, powered stair/upholstery tool.
  • Swivel steering with low profile design. TURBOCLAW™ PET TOOL to remove hair on stairs and furniture.


Product information (best pet hair vacuum cleaner reviews)


Item Weight 10.8 pounds
Shipping Weight 17.6 pounds
Manufacturer Dirt Devil
Item Model Number UD70355B
Product Dimensions 11.5 x 10.5 x 45 inches


Suction Power (best pet hair vacuum cleaner reviews)

Work throughout your home throughout your cleansing routine while not fearing any loss of power. This household appliance is meant to keep up suction power optimally throughout its operations. Keeps cleansing performance uniform and consistent all the time.


Spin4Pro Premium Pet Brushroll (best pet hair vacuum cleaner reviews)

Leave no hair behind as this home appliance comes with a specially designed premium brush roll. the comb roll is intended to expeditiously take away pet hair clinging to areas comparable to article of furniture and carpets. Even hairs fallen on the floors don’t seem to be spared from the result of this brush roll because it sweeps all of them. So, laborious floor or carpet, expect a prime notch improvement performance.


Swivel Steering (best pet hair vacuum cleaner reviews)

The home appliance contains a low profile style that ensures easy swivel steering. This enables you to maneuver effectively throughout your home notwithstanding the piece of furniture and different obstacles.


Odor Trapping Filter

Get eliminate those annoying pet odors simply with the premium filtration system. This ensures that harmful particles and offensive odors are proscribed properly.


Turboclaw Pet Tool

The TurboClaw Pet Tool permits you to get rid of hairs from stairs and article of furniture effectively. Again, you’ll clean hardtop-reach areas properly with this tool.


Top positive review

We continuously do our due diligence once searching online, or in a very physical location, particularly for those larger price ticket things that require lasting longer than avg. I will say I’m principally happy with this dirt sucker. its options are specifically fitting for our residence and its layout, the long wire may be a pain to wrap and therefore the one hardwood floor mud mop hangs by an associate elastic string around the handle, however overall, terribly proud of the performance versus the price. a superb replacement and that we are going to be staring at succeeding level of a model within the future once we got to replace this one.


Top critical review

This is my second vacuum bought from Amazon, the primary did an excellent job, and however, having a two-floor house and not thus clean teenagers it all over up burning out the rolling brush. that is why I made a decision to urge another one, do not know what happened between the time I bought the primary one and therefore the second, however, the fabric it looks low cost and therefore the filters a lot of raggy. Does not matter abundant since we’ve moved to a lot of smaller house and therefore the ladies square measure away for school. Works okay the sole disappointment is that. Plastic is a lot of lighter and filters I have to clean them out like three times a month if I do not need to listen to the noise that makes once the highest filter is dirty.


FAQ (best pet hair vacuum cleaner reviews) 

Question: How long is the cord?
Answer: I don’t have an exact measurement but it’s pretty long. I have a 1500 sq ft house and only had to move the plug once while vacuuming.
Question: Is this vacuum loud? The one I have now isn’t bad but I’m looking for a quieter one – my dog goes bananas when I turn on the vacuum!
Answer: It’s not really quiet of course, but this vacuum is quieter than my old Bissell. My dog is also afraid of vacuums and she actually approached it and walked by it, the old one she ran to another room and hid. In my opinion is doesn’t have that really high pitched whine that seems to be pretty common with most vacuums and the motor noise is also less than others I’ve used, but it’s not a weak motor because it still does a really good job at picking things up.
Question: Are the bristles made of rubber?
Answer: Thin nylon. Works great.
Question: Is the beater bar/roller easy to remove (or access) to clean?
Answer: Toni, it’s the easiest to remove I’ve ever seen ONCE YOU HAVE DONE IT THE FIRST TIME. It has two little black clips that you have to press hard and pull the tabs up, then they release and you can pull the brush right out, allowing it to come out of the belt. Putting it back in is easy, but the black cover is hard to align first time, but once you’ve got it, just remember how you did it and next time is much easier. I really love the way this picks up embedded hair out of the carpet… it means you have to clear the brush more often, but it’s well worth the price and effort.


The Verdict

You cannot get it wrong with this Dirt Devil Razor UD70355B Upright home appliance considering its wealth of accessories and options. Crevices and cracks aren’t spared because the Crevice and Dusting Tool deals with mud and particles caught in those areas. Client reviews merely rave concerning the home appliance. Apparently, house owners adore it and laud its operations. Happy customers report it as being terribly sturdy whereas others say it works fine in propulsion off pet hairs. Overall, customers irresistibly report its ability to try to what the manufacturer claims. There are hardly any negative statements, simply many relating to packaging that may be a client service and not a performance issue. This can be a worthy purchase.

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